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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. Bret Scher has been a cardiologist for over 15 years now and says that one thing’s been made clear: our health care system is badly broken, failing to address the main issues affecting people and to provide solutions that will actually work.

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As the lead practitioner at My Boundless Health, Dr.

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Scher is trying to change this.

“The goal of the work I’m doing…is to help people get access to information that is not being promoted by our contemporary health care system and to get access to a practitioner who can spend more time, think outside the box, and see the bigger picture to really try to find the right solution for each individual,” says Dr. Scher. At My Boundless Health, the focus is on a lot more than just lab results and medications; it’s about nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and social interactions.

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Ultimately, it’s about listening to the patient and making adjustments according to the changes in their life or status of health.

Dr. Scher takes a two-tiered approach by first giving people easy access to as much information as possible, and then working one-on-one with patients in order to develop an intense, individually-tailored program that will best suit their needs. Dr. Scher discusses a variety of topics, including overmedication, the details of the initial screening process of his program, and some of the most difficult aspects of getting people into more healthful states of being.

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