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In this episode, we connect with Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, the Founder and Managing Director of Merogenomics. As a consistent scientific thinker, Dr. Raszek is an expert in the field of genome sequencing. In 2014, he decided to start a business centering around this fascinating technology and hasn’t looked back since… 

The purpose of Merogenomics is to provide the general public with access to medical DNA testing. The results of these tests enable individuals to seek proper medical intervention for an array of conditions – all while giving them an inside look at their inner biology. 

Join the discussion now to explore:

  • The four groups that individuals fall into. 
  • The medical value that DNA tests can provide. 
  • What genome sequencing shows about the metabolization of medicine. 
  • Why certain genetics are sensitive to medications. 

To learn more about Dr. Raszek and his work with Merogenomics, click here now!

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