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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. Bill McGraw joins the podcast once again to discuss an intriguing topic: his unique approach to cancer protocol treatments. Dr. McGraw is a pioneer of alternative medicine, and he has used his expertise to help countless people overcome an array of chronic illnesses.

As an accomplished research scientist, Dr. McGraw has spent years studying the impacts of heavy metal toxicity on the body. Employing his methods on illnesses such as cancer, he has developed an alternative approach to cancer treatment – and you may be surprised by his results…

In this episode, we dive into:

  • The difference between good and bad metals in the body.
  • The primary causes of major chronic diseases.
  • How different frequencies can affect cancer cells. 
  • Factors that can cause fast-growing cancer.

Dr. McGraw is the author of many books about heavy metals, including Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease, Glyphosate: Guide for Detox, and Aluminum Detox: An Easy Solution. Are you ready to unlock a fresh understanding of holistic wellness? Click play now!

You can keep up with Dr. McGraw by visiting his website here

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