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How can GI health significantly determine the general health of the rest of the body? Since so many bodily systems utilize products produced along the gastrointestinal tract, minor issues can be increased throughout the body. Listen up to learn:

  • How the gut microbiome has the potential to make or break the body’s health
  • How the Western diet may be threatening your gut’s health
  • How “bacterial economics” governs GI systems

Executive vice president and chief medical officer at Seres Therapeutics, Dr. Lisa von Moltke, discusses her work developing therapeutic techniques to treat gastrointestinal conditions and microbiomes.

Through the study of how the gut microbiome and gastrointestinal health affect the operation of the rest of the body, new therapies have been developed to combat GI-targeted infections. New therapies are also being produced to prevent infection with patients undergoing transplants and grafts.

Immunosuppressants are also a weak point regarding gut health since they open windows of vulnerability for infections to target your gut. Therefore, developing techniques to treat various diseases without affecting GI health and the gut microbiome may be the next most valuable step in developing pharmaceutical therapeutics.

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