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When you’re out and about and stop for a bite to eat, what else are you putting in your body with those plastic utensils?

Well…plastic. Leaching from plasticware is real, and it could be causing damage to your body.

But there’s a healthier, less wasteful option available–and it comes with the perk of being intentional about the way you eat.

Tune in to learn:

  • What’s unique about the alchemy of brass
  • The mechanism by which brass, copper, and sterling silver self-sanitize
  • What products are offered by a company named Fed

Twenty-five years ago, Dawn Prokop picked up a book that would eventually define the trajectory of her career. It was about a Tibetan monk who was issued a single wooden bowl to use for each and every meal. He would rinse it in the river, scrub it with sand, and let it dry in the sun before tucking it away in a special place. It was more than a routine–it was a ritual.

Today, the way most people consume food couldn’t be further from this. We often do it mindlessly, choosing the most convenient options and not thinking twice about using plastic utensil after plastic utensil.

How can we change the way humans consume food?

That was the question on Prokop’s mind when she started brainstorming ideas that would eventually lead to a company called Fed. It’s a company that values conscious, mindful eating that’s good for people and the environment.

She explains all the details of what Fed believes in, strives for, and offers.

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