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I’ve never heard of creating 3D Printed designs using a virtual reality interface – have you? Roland Manyai, an innovative thinker in the virtual reality and 3D printing space has created exactly that, and you’re going to be happily surprised at what’s coming in the near future when it comes to both design of 3D printed objects and the results.

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Traditionally using VR, creating 3D objects and 3D printing required knowledge of and the ability to use a variety of “hi-tech” of software.  Leopoly has made creating and printing 3d objects as easy as taking a photograph.  At you can choose forms, shapes, or objects, use their virtual tools (brushes, pens, etc.) to create/customize anything, save it, order it or 3D print it yourself!  is their first website created  to introduce 3D design and printing to schools.  More recently Leopoly has also teamed up with zSpace to bring VR and 3D modeling into the classroom.

3D scanning and printing is currently used for industry and health care prototypes.

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Leopoly offers their expertise in 3D technology and create customized software unique to any business.  They are the industry leaders in digital product customization and 3D design software solutions on multiple platforms. Leopoly is expanding into user-friendly, web-based VR – to see their VR product portfolio and developments go to,

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