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It’s brand new, but it’s already growing: the Redwood Digital Group Fund (RDG Fund) is a cryptocurrency fund that operates in several areas, including crypto lending, algorithmic trading and indexing. Any accredited investor interested in blockchain-based tokens can choose to invest in the RDG Fund, which has already attracted a wide variety of investors. We’re “continually building systems… and looking to organize data…in a way that makes sense, that’s actionable, and that develops actionable insights,” says Yerger. In addition, the RDG Fund emphasizes the importance and benefits of indexing, viewing it as “a very, very powerful vehicle, that if done properly, can increase your exposure and reduce your risk.” Press play to learn more about this budding fund.

Yerger also discusses:

The reason for using algorithms instead of human traders, and the role of human intervention in trading
The type of investors interested in (and targeted by) the RDG Fund
Future plans for the RDG Fund, including expansion and the creation of the company’s first website


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