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There are several ways of acquiring cryptocurrency.

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One way is to buy it, though with recent price fluctuations, this may be difficult for some. The other way to mine it. Though this is less expensive option for acquiring crypto, many people don’t have room for the hot, noisy equipment that it takes. The solution? Giga-watt. Giga-watt offers a simple process for mining your own crypto.

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First, visit their website to purchase at least 1 miner from a reputable supplier, and it will be shipped to their specialized facility in Wenatchee, Washington. Giga-watt sets up the equipment, configures the crypto you want to mine (bitcoin, Ethereum, or lite-coin) and assigns you a dashboard.

Now, watch as your crypto comes rolling in. You only pay for the power that you use, and many people see a return on investment in under 9 months. If you ever want to visit your personal miner, they offer an open house every 2 weeks. In the future they hope to add more cryptocurrency, the ability to switch miners between currencies, and leverage their unique power structure to positively impact supercomputing.

To learn more, or to get started mining your own cryptocurrency, visit www.

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