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One of the world’s leading experts in tree fruit horticulture extension joins the podcast today: Desmond Lane. Desmond is the Department Head and Professor at Auburn University Horticulture, where he draws from more than 30 years of experience to inform his role as a research administrator. 

Desmond joins us to discuss his work with orchards and address how he has contributed to positively impacting the future of the tree fruit industry… 

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In this episode, we explore:

  • Why labor is impacting farmers’ ability to be sustainable. 
  • The fruits that are mechanically harvested in modern agriculture.
  • Irrigation methods that produce high-quality fruit and mitigate end-of-season losses. 

Desmond is dedicated to facilitating sustainable orchard management practices, which requires a significant amount of analysis—wondering how these factors influence fruit production as a whole? Click play to find out!

To learn more about Desmond Layne and his work visit now.

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