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Returning to the podcast is Dr. Mark Holtzapple, a chemical engineering professor at Texas A&M University. He joins us today to discuss his latest research interests: biofuels and engine efficiency…

With decades of experience in the field of chemical engineering, Dr. Holtzapple is always eager to push the boundaries of scientific exploration. Not only does he want to convert biomass into biofuel to increase sustainability, but he also wants to enhance the functionality of engines. How does he propose we do this? Tune in to see for yourself!

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • How enzymes contribute to the creation of biofuel.
  • The components of gasoline that limit its storability.
  • What it would look like to grow crops for energy instead of food. 
  • Why prickly pear makes such a versatile crop.

To discover more about Dr. Holtzapple and his fascinating research, click here now!

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