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Today we are joined by Barbara Laker and David Gambacorta of the Philadelphia Inquirer, a daily newspaper headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They sit down to explain their latest project: outlining the health risks of artificial turf…

Barbara is a reporter for the investigative team at the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she’s been since 1993. With years of experience in journalism, she is on a mission to educate her audience on a variety of topics – including the health risks of artificial turf. 

David started at the Philadelphia Inquirer in 2005, and over the years, he has contributed to many different news outlets. Much like Barbara, he has covered multiple different subjects, and the risks of artificial turf have also garnered his attention.

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Tune in now to find out:

  • How this topic came across Barbara and David’s radar. 
  • The health conditions linked to artificial turf.
  • The types of chemicals that are released from artificial turf. 
  • The effects of artificial turf on sports players’ health.

To learn more about Barbara and David’s news coverage on artificial turf, click here now!

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