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How can even the simplest of daily CBT practice provide drastic positive change in your life? By taking time to improve your state of mind and getting familiar with your mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can be incredibly effective.

Listen up to learn:

  • Which practices CBT can be divided into
  • How the CBT deck is used as a daily practice
  • Questions you can ask yourself to improve mindfulness

Seth J. Gillihan, a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, podcast host, and creator of the Think Act Be Online School, joins the discussion to share his experience helping people reach their full mental potential.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has developed dramatically in recent years and offers an option for individuals struggling with their mental health who seek options other than medication. For issues like anxiety, OCD, and even substance abuse issues, CBT has been shown to be incredibly effective.

By creating a system using cards in a deck to help implement the daily practice, Seth J. Gillihan has seen incredible results for people struggling with their day-to-day mental health. One of the most important aspects of CBT is asking the right questions, and the cognitive behavioral therapy deck provides a fantastic starting point to begin your daily practice.

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