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Lishan Aklog, M.D. is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PAVmed, a multiproduct commercial stage medical device company with a unique business model. He is also the Executive Chairman of Lucid Diagnostics, a subsidiary of PAVmed. The first half of Dr. Aklog’s impressive career was focused on becoming a heart surgeon. He has always been interested in medical device innovation, how things are done, and how to do them better to improve the logistics of health care, the patient experience, as well as the clinician and nursing experiences.

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  • What EsoCheck is and how it functions as an alternative to endoscopy.
  • How PAVmed has streamlined the process of bringing innovative products to market.
  • What medical device projects are on the horizon.

From the beginning, one of the goals of PAVmed was to commercialize innovative products to quickly get them to market. Of particular interest was finding ways to interact with academic medical centers, small start-up companies, and medical device entrepreneurs to expedite the leap to a commercial path. Their proprietary model provides access to capital.

PAVmed has a combination of internal innovations and external licensing and acquisitions. One of the most interesting medical products is a new diagnostic device for detecting esophageal cancer. Developed by Lucid Diagnostics, EsoCheck is a non-invasive diagnostic test for biomarkers of esophageal cancer that can be done in five minutes in the doctor’s office.

New products are on the horizon at PAVmed including CarpeX, a minimally invasive device that is designed to treat carpal tunnel syndrome without the traditional surgical incision. Another project is focused on the treatment of recurrent pediatric ear infections that sometimes requires the insertion of tubes to drain the ears. The new product is made out of a silk material that can be molded and is resorbed by the body.

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