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Adele Anderson, life coach, destiny coach, and neuro-linguistic programmer, talks about her passion for helping others and the transformative work she engages in with all her clients.

Adele provides an overview of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and shares her insights about how it can help to change neuropathways in the mind, to learn and accelerate learning, and actually install the ‘excellence’ of others. She explains the science behind NLP and cites examples of groups of people who have utilized NLP to improve performance and increase learning. As she explains, our minds take it all in… all the emotions, and external stimuli. Adele talks about the kinds of trauma that she sees in her clients and how she uses the process of NLP to bring healing and resolve.

Adele believes in the power of positive movement, moving your life forward into your destiny so that you can fulfill your dreams and meet your goals. Adele provides a safe, supportive and holistic environment that allows her clients to find a path that works for them.

The coach and NLP expert explain neural pathways and how they function. As she states, NLP provides hundreds of ways we can engage with the mind to rewire neural pathways that are interrupting our ability to be happy, move forward in life, to reduce stress, etc. As she explains, our minds take everything at face value, and through the work individuals can make significant changes, helping the mind to see things through a new lens so to speak.

Adele explains the methods that she uses. She explains how she works with her clients to create physical identifications of traumas in the mind, and then change them through a meditative process that allows for transformations.


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