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Biquan Luo, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumos ( provides an overview of her company’s incredible Lumos Smart Sleep Mask and its companion mobile app that have been precisely designed to provide sleeper-specific solutions for those who suffer from jet lag, generalized chronic fatigue, or anyone who is seeking a better sleep solution.

Luo received an undergraduate degree from Peking University in China and her doctorate in Biology from the University of Southern California, then continued her studies as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. Through her extensive work with genomic datasets to predict how diseases progress, and her natural interest in finding treatment strategies, she was motivated to discover new ways the human body can thrive in its regular routines when powered by scientific research.

Luo talks about her background and the reasons for launching her company. After experiencing much discomfort on her regular trips to and from China, Luo’s training as a bioscientist, and her personal experience as a sleep clinic patient motivated her to find the best way to eliminate jet lag once and for all. Luo talks about the research and methods she used to develop the Lumos mask, and she explains how neurons respond to light input.

Luo explains the tech behind her amazing sleep mask. Lumos utilizes technology transmitting imperceptible pulses of light to prepare us for our future days. And as this light is considerably less intense than a natural light source such as the sun, our bodies are able to receive these specialized organic indicators without disrupting sleep in any way. Thus, these environmental cues of light help our bodies adjust to a new time zone incredibly faster than would happen normally (without the use of the technology-enabled mask).

Luo provides information to listeners on how the Lumos mask can be used to help anyone retrain their bodies, and ease into a new sleep schedule. The Lumos mask’s technology can help us to literally shift our body clocks via the timed light flashes. Luo talks in-depth about insomnia and the ways to combat it. She explains the various ways that our sleep can be problematic, can be interrupted, and how we can address the problems and find solutions to overcome them.

Wrapping up, Luo provides information on melatonin secretion, and why teenagers are generally more likely to be ‘night owls’ than their parents. She talks about sleep deprivation and the adjustment of circadian rhythms and how that could reduce depression.

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