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Capitalise’s goal is to democratize trading, by giving individuals and day traders the ability to automate their trades. Large trading institutions already possess the ability to automate their trades. However, this is not always possible for independent day traders, due to a lack of knowledge or money.

Capitalise allows its users to write sentences about the trades they would like to make, and the platform translates those into automated trading commands that are carried out when specific conditions chosen by the user are met.

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Sentences, and therefore trading commands, can be as simple or complex as the user chooses.

It has been challenging to build this platform, as it needs to be able to seamlessly support an unknown number of trades, whose commands are not known in advance, and security is a top priority.

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Capitalise will soon be releasing a business-to-consumer solution for crypto trading, as well as looking into making their technology available to other industries.

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