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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Can the lifespan or health span of humans be extended? Many new findings from researchers and even Google suggest so.

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Press play to find out:

  • What part proteins play in the aging process
  • What causes memory deficits
  • How Alzheimer’s treatment may differ in the future

PH.D. Student in chemistry, Steven Robert Shuken, discusses his insights into aging and Alzheimer’s, drawing from his chemistry background.

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Aging is a complicated process to study because so many factors play simultaneous roles throughout one’s lifespan. Each organ in the body also ages differently based upon the respective tissue, making the challenge even more significant.

To understand Alzheimer’s disease, Steven Shuken shares his process of understanding neurodegeneration and how it affects individual brain cells. More research is needed, but early results in blood plasma benefits in Alzheimer’s patients are promising.

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