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What are new therapeutic oncology techniques? Recent studies show that a new frontier of T-cell therapy may be the future of the field. Listen in to find out:

  • What is a double negative T-cell?
  • How T-cells can be effective in fighting certain forms of cancer
  • Can the therapeutic use of T-cells span more than just Leukemia?

Li Zhang and Jong Bok Lee join the conversation and share their recent discoveries about the efficacy of T-cells in fighting Leukemia.

T-cells have many beneficial properties to the human body but can also cause problems if they are not controlled. Among the promising traits are the anti-cancer and anti-viral properties, but they can also cause anti-immune disorders and grafted organ rejections.

The possibilities of future use in cancer detection and prevention alongside use in other forms are promising.

Double negative T-cells’ ability to target tumor cells vs.

normal cells makes them ideal for both pre- and post-chemotherapy patients.

For more information and access to studies, search for double negative T-cells on your preferred search engine.

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