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BlockchainOS, or BOScoin, is a platform that is comprised of trust contracts built on Time Automata Language and Web Ontology language, and its goal is to provide a user-friendly framework for creating and executing contracts on the blockchain, ultimately linking the blockchain with IOT devices.

Trust contracts are written in a format that is readable for most people, in order to encourage more individuals to move into the blockchain space. BOScoins are awarded through the platform and can be used to operate a node that also gives the holder the ability to participate in votes regarding the platform. Over the next year, their roadmap includes adding a governance model.

BOScoins also allow the holders to vote on projects that are submitted through the platform for funding, which they hope will attract interested parties from around the world, making this a truly global platform. BOScoin held a successful token sale during October 2017, and are planning on a full launch in May 2018. Look for them at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas February 16-18.

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