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Imaging a heart is both crucial and challenging, but Caption Health has fine-tuned artificial intelligence healthcare to make ultrasound imaging more precise, more accessible, and more efficient.

Listen in as their CTO describes

  • What the biggest challenges are in achieving high-quality, informative ultrasounds,
  • How the Caption AI ultrasound meets those challenges, and
  • What additional advantages artificial intelligence in ultrasound procedures offers, such as speed and novice accessibility.

Research scientist Kilian Koepsell cofounded Caption Health and serves as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He’s spent his career focusing on the potential of deep learning to solve healthcare issues. He tells Richard about exciting new advances from Caption Health for artificial intelligence in ultrasound imaging. While ultrasounds are extremely valuable diagnostic tools, the procedures require highly-skilled personnel to work the ultrasound machine.

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Imaging something like the heart, which requires a simultaneous apical four-chamber view to gather relevant information, is especially difficult.

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That’s why Caption Health started with cardiac imaging as they developed their FDA-approved AI-guided ultrasound system. They created an AI algorithm that works like an expert, guiding the user to the right spot to get that four-chamber image while automatically recording the image as well.

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Koepsell says that Caption Health’s mission is to “democratize medical imaging and get it out to many more people, especially novices of ultrasounds,” even if they are specialists in other healthcare segments. He explains how the ultrasound and its application works, down to the quality meter that guides the user and other prescriptive guidance tools. 

For more about this technology, see the company’s website:

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