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How do microplastics impact aquatic ecosystems?

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What can happen if an entire food web of aquatic organisms is exposed to microplastic contaminants?

Garth Covernton, a researcher who studies the interactions between microplastic pollution and aquatic ecology, joins the podcast today to enlighten us on these critical questions…

Garth is a University of Toronto Arts and Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow working in the Rochman lab and the McMeans lab as part of the pELAstics project. Through his work, Garth is on a mission to “provide conservation managers and policymakers with the simplified frameworks required to protect aquatic ecosystems”.

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Join us now to learn about:

  • The types of freshwater that Garth is conducting his research in.
  • What food webs are, and what they can tell us about microplastic contamination.
  • The most commonly used and produced polymers that contaminate aquatic systems.
  • The mechanisms of analysis used to determine how microplastics move through different ecosystems.
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  • Animals that are more at risk for ingesting microplastics.

Want to find out more about Garth and his research? Click here now!

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