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Rejoining us in this episode is Dr. Bill McGraw, a boundary-pushing research scientist and the author of Aluminum Detox: An Easy Solution and Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease. He sits down today to discuss Rife Machines – instruments used to treat various ailments using electromagnetic frequencies.

Used as a noninvasive form of therapy, Rife Machines were invented nearly a century ago to get rid of cancer, Lyme disease, and other serious conditions. Dr. McGraw says he has been using Rife Machines for years on his patients with a 95% success rate… 

How do these curious inventions work? Tune in now to see for yourself!

Join us now to explore:

  • The origins of Rife technology. 
  • How certain frequencies have been linked to killing viruses and cancer cells.
  • How scalar fields can identify different types of viruses.

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To learn more about Dr. McGraw and his work with Rife Machines, click here now!

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