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NVIDIA Clara is a platform that’s changing diagnostic imaging for the better by capturing higher-quality images and automatically identifying critical pieces of information, such as by identifying evidence of hemorrhage, measuring the anatomical parts relating to a patient’s clinical signs, or calculating the amount of blood being pumped by a patient’s heart. This is made possible by graphics processing unit (GPU) circuits and AI, which together are becoming extremely useful tools for radiologists, and ultimately allowing for more accurate, faster, and preventative patient care. For example, when an AI-powered instrument is able to automatically identify which images from thousands indicate a bleed in the brain, it can automatically prioritize that study in the radiologist’s work list so that the radiologist knows which images need immediate attention.

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In this way, the technology being offered by the Clara platform is potentially life-saving.

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Head of healthcare at NVIDIA, Abdul Hamid Halabi, joins the podcast to discuss all the details of this technology, its implementation in clinical medicine, the potential it holds, and what’s on the horizon.

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Tune in for all the details, and visit to learn more.

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