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Just a few years ago, Angela M. Poff noticed that a lot of leading scientists and clinicians were studying ketosis and metabolic therapies for different diseases, but weren’t getting together to share their ideas and have productive conversations; this all changed when she decided to found the Metabolic Health Summit in 2015, which now serves as a hub for those who want to work together to develop ideas and move new information in the field to the next level.

The goal of the 2019 Metabolic Health Summit is to foster a global conversation about the ketogenic diet and how to implement it in the real world and will feature several personal stories from those whose lives have been affected by the adoption of the keto lifestyle. The conference is not just for scientists this year; it’s for everyone. The best scientists and clinicians will lead sessions dedicated to different uses of the ketogenic diet, including for Alzheimer’s, mental health, obesity, migraines, cancer, and longevity.

Poff also works as a research scientist at the University of South Florida, where she focuses primarily on the effects of metabolic therapies on cancer.

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In particular, she studies how the ketogenic diet affects cancer models, the role of exogenous ketones in the development of cancer, and the role of metabolic targeted agents, such as dichloroacetate and metformin. Poff discusses a variety of topics, including how and why hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be successful in treating tumors and the biggest roadblock to continued research in the field.

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If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer, Poff suggests visiting clinicaltrials.

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gov and working closely with your oncologist.

Visit for more information about the upcoming Metabolic Health Summit conference.

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