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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Is purifying blood the future of treating sepsis and many other conditions? While still under development, a new device may revolutionize the field.

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  • Why the definition of sepsis may be controversial
  • A common challenge for dialysis patients
  • What someone can expect having undergone the new procedure

Jim Joyce, the CEO of Sigyn Therapeutics, shares his research and development of a new Hemopurifier and the value of therapeutic blood purification.

Many therapeutic techniques involve the purification of blood and lowering toxicity.

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However, many of the currently used methods are rarely accessible and may not be the correct technique to expand the range of treatable ailments.

While acute life-threatening conditions are the current focus of the new device, its application may be broadened in the future.

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With increasingly effective and available technology, subtractive therapies may be just as viable an option as additive therapies we see today.

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