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Scarlet Ravin tells listeners a fascinating story that changed her views of evolution, growth and change, an experience that began after she took a substance called psilocybin derived from psychedelic mushrooms.

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This dramatic psilocybin experience inspired her to spread the word of love and how psilocybin can help achieve these higher consciousness benefits.

Listeners will hear

  • What happened in her first psilocybin experience and the vision that directed her to write her book and distribute the product,
  • How love pervades her self-empowerment program derived from her vision, and
  • What specifics about the compound and dosages are helpful to know, where it’s legal, and how it might affect you.

Scarlet Ravin is an author and founder of White Fox Medicinals, a company that uses tinctures and other substances to address higher level consciousness psychology. She brings her story to listeners and tells where she’s headed next to achieve the goals from her trip that brought her in communication with the spirit of psilocybin.

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She explains that while we humans normally see three-dimensional objects as hard, everything is actually radiating energy. All living beings have spirit beings. She says that psilocybin expands our consciousness, and she shows how by describing her wild experience in which the spirt expanded her own consciousness and directed her on to next steps.

Essential to her vision is to get this mind-expanding solution to mainstream people—to people outside of the community that already accepts these psychedelic experiences. She also talks about her book and says it’s about love. She adds that love raises us above the three-dimensional realm of contrast, division, and waring forces that enable hate—in her vision she experienced the fifth dimension above these divisions.

It says to choose love over war and hate; instead of thinking on levels of who’s right and wrong, this dimension equals an emotionally mature state that is spiritually evolved. She was directed to write a book about this in her vision and to bring psilocybin to the mainstream. She is using her psilocybin chocolates, which don’t have the substance in them so can be sold everywhere, to raise awareness of the substance.

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