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Earlier detection of cancer and connective tissue disorders may be possible using atomic force microscopy.

Tune in to learn how it works and discover:

  • The advantages of atomic force microscopy over electron microscopy
  • How fibroblasts use collagen to travel throughout the body
  • How fibrosis occurs and why it matters

Atomic force microscopy is a technique that can generate high-resolution images of biological samples too small to be imaged using other techniques.

It works similar to a stylus on a record player: a tiny stylus contacts and moves up and down along the biological sample, while a computer program analyzes these movements and recreates 3D images accordingly.

In essence, it’s a process whereby the topography of almost any surface can be measured and visualized.

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This technology is leading to great insights in various fields of research, and has exciting applications in the field of early cancer detection.

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Press play for all the details.

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