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What are some of the challenges faced by parents of Autistic children?

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If we look at behavior problems on a different level, it can be much easier to understand.

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  • How Alicia Trautwein knew her child was Autistic
  • Challenges Autistic people may face in relationships
  • The preferred language for various places on the Autism spectrum

Alicia Trautwein, the Founder of The Mom Kind, Autism advocate, writer, and motivational speaker, shares her experience as an Autistic parent and the joys and challenges of having Autistic children.

As many already know, Autism can present in many forms across all points along a spectrum. However, there are important considerations for parents and children alike when interacting with and raising those who find themselves on it.

By attempting to understand the root causes of disturbance for those with Autism, it can be helpful for everyone in the situation when handling it. It is also essential for the community surrounding an Autistic child to support that child and work with individual needs.

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