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How do plants control what they do? How do they grow and develop, and how is their growth and development controlled? At its core, all of Dr. Anthony Trewavas’ work as a molecular biologist has revolved around these questions. He’s been studying plant life and biochemistry for decades now, collecting and developing an impressive amount of technical knowledge along the way. On today’s episode, he explains what triggered this lifelong interest, how his career has developed and evolved over the years, and what he’s learned about a number of aspects of plant behavior and development. One of his main focuses has been on protein phosphorylation, which he explains is the most basic method of changing what cells do by modifying enzymatic activity.

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He also explains the role and effects of a plant hormone called auxin, plant mechanical stimulation, the importance of calcium in the process of responding to signals, how plants take up and store calcium, general systems theory as it applies to the study of plant hormones, and so much more.

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Press play for the full conversation, and find out more about Dr.

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Trewavas’ work by searching for his name on the web.

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