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How can you verify the efficacy and safety of the nutritional supplements you are taking? Functional medicine doctor and clinical consultant for Biotics Research shares his advice and experience. Tune in to learn about:

  • How a consumer can find product validation from supplement companies
  • Nutrient-nutrient interactions and their effects on the body
  • How dietary and lifestyle changes can bolster supplementation

Dr. Arland Hill works as a clinical consultant at Biotics research and is an experienced functional medicine doctor. While many supplement companies offer GMP labels, it does not speak to the product’s quality or efficacy. A consumer may, however, request FDA evaluation sheets by directly contacting the company. It is also revealed that clinical testing can be very beneficial to consumers when formulating a supplementation regimen. Interactions between combinations of supplements can lead to deficiencies and other issues if improperly dosed by the consumer without consulting a professional.

Consumers often carry misconceptions about what supplements they should be using and what others should be avoided. This can lead to nutrient-nutrient interactions, which can cause deficiencies in other necessary nutrient groups. These nutrient-nutrient interactions can vary based on the person, which is why consulting a medical professional is so crucial before beginning a supplement regime. Biotics remains focused on maintaining a high quality of manufacturing. As a company, they emphasize producing a smaller quantity of higher quality supplements rather than flooding their shop with a plethora of lesser grade offerings. 

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