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Imagine being told as a young adult that you’re suffering from osteoporosis so advanced that your bones are that of an 80-year-old. That’s what happened to Mira Calton while living what she thought was a healthy life in New York City. She tells listeners what happened next and how she recovered.

She and husband Dr. Jayson Calton discuss

  • How her healthy-sounding diet and lifestyle led to micronutrient deficiency symptoms,
  • Why micronutrients can cancel each other out and how the Calton formulation addresses and solves these issues, and
  • What the implications are for various diets and medications as well as resources for more information.

Mira and Jayson Calton are authors and founders of Calton Nutrition. They are experts in weight management strategies and micronutrient therapies. Their latest book, Rebuild your Bones, specifically addresses bone health tips and effective ways to pair bone health vitamins and other micronutrients.

Their past book addresses micronutrient deficiency effects overall. Mira and Jayson met each other after her advanced osteoporosis diagnosis. While researching her condition, which doctors said was irreversible, she received a recommendation to see nutritionist Dr. Calton. Together, they delved into the world of micronutrients, an under-discussed topic in the supplement community. Dr. Calton was able to navigate the science behind what Mira had started to learn.

For example, he explains how calcium and magnesium, both bone-building nutrients, share a similar receptor site and actually compete when introduced together.

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“They’re like two screaming kids in a car,” adds Mira, preventing each other from progressing. If they’re separated, however, they can give their best. He began separating such natural competitors for her and this was the beginning of their micronutrient therapy.

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They’ve spent years researching every micronutrient competition that can take place and how to formulate them to prevent this competition. In fact, their formulation is the first and only multivitamin granted a U.S. patent for formulation. Eventually, micronutrient therapy worked to heal Mira’s osteoporosis and they’ve helped numerous clients since. They also discuss ways medications hurt nutrient absorption and how diet effects these issues, such as suggestions for micronutrient rich foods and how each diet has micronutrient weaknesses and strengths.

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For more about their work, see

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