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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Author, athlete, and nutritionist Wade Lightheart joins the show to educate listeners on the best process for nutrient supplementation.

He explains 

  • What gave him the motivation and know-how to start his company,
  • What three elements form the biological optimization triangle for their approach with clients, and
  • How supplement industry pressures can lead companies toward lesser quality products and how he prevents that trend.

Wade Lightheart is a three-time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding champion, author of numerous books on health, and president of BiOptimizer. He begins the show with a moving story relaying key events that led him to where he is today.

After the death of his older sister, he became interested in offerings beyond the “medical model” he’d witnessed as his sister suffered through intense cancer treatments. That alongside his bodybuilding hobby led him to study nutrition and exercise science in university. But it wasn’t until his own health dropped off a bit that he understood he’d been more focused on the aesthetics of bodybuilding than the importance of true health that stemmed from a focus on internal care.

He took this knowledge and after some intense study in nutritional supplement therapy, he and his partner started BiOptimizer, which evolved from a body building to a human optimization company. He describes for listeners the main premise of company, which addresses three aspects of biological optimization: aesthetics, performance, and health. They strive to end physical suffering and activate biologically optimized health by leveraging nutritional supplements, technology, and other elements to fully express each client’s unique physical capacity and quality of life.

He explains how the mode of production for a health supplement leads to a quality end product and what measures his company takes to insure this. He also explains the company’s philosophy and inner workings in more detail. Listen in for more of this inspiring story about fitness and health.

For the best way to follow up and learn more, go to their website and find a special discount code for podcast listeners:

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