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Medtech Impact on Wellness

“A life of service to others is the only way to live properly” is now a basic scientific finding, not just a moral principle. How could this be?

Tune in for the answer, and to discover:

  • How the concept that living things are machines became so widely accepted and even “fashionable”
  • How cells can instantaneously send signals to other cells great distances away
  • Why individualized wellbeing should be at the forefront of healthcare, and what this has to do with lessons learned from the cellular world

Radiologist turned evolutionary biologist, William B. Miller, Jr., discusses how modern science has reframed the way we look at cells, and explains what our cells can teach us about our own biology and existence, and society as a whole.

“We now know that our cells are responsive, problem-solving, and intelligent…they can provide us with insight into how we can conduct our lives, thoughts about how society should live together collectively, and offer through their engineering capacities…new ways of looking at our own health, and new pathways to enhancing our wellbeing and improving our lives,” says Miller.

He discusses the four “Cs” of cellular behavior, the inner workings of profound cellular connections and how cell-to-cell communication occurs, the principle of nonlocality and quantum-level communication between cells, and why biological entities are possible only because of the trillions of other living entities within them, each collaborating, cooperating, and competing at their own level in a mutualized way.

Miller elaborates on these topics and many more, including the connection between microbes, human beings, and space exploration.

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