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What difference does a matte chip bag make? What part of your brain pushed for that deodorant brand? Felix Cao says your primal brain most likely had a say. He describes how neuroscience and business marketing strategies have propelled ways to measure brain activity and affect our buying choices.

Listen and learn

  • How nueromarketing has tapped into a panicking consumer mindset during the pandemic to target our need for security,
  • What role nostalgia is playing in today’s marketing,
  • How the primal brain acts as a filter for the logical part and why, and
  • What are examples of effective marketing decisions that have led to definitive business growth strategies.

Felix Cao specializes in neuromarketing and is the founder of Happy Buying Brain.

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He brought a long-time fascination with how the visual affects our brain with the latest in neuroscience and technology into the founding of his company.

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Because he helps companies apply brain activity measurements to more effective selling campaigns, he has fascinating stories about why and how our brains react differently to seemingly innocuous details, like metallic versus matte packaging to the impact of aroma vapors on a soup can.

With artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality breakthroughs, advertising science is on the verge of a whole new set of methods. Meanwhile, Cao explains, because smartphone use has rapidly increased, neuromarketers have their hands full with studying effects of screen size and scrolling habits. It all starts with evolutionary biology, he says, and the human impulse to scan for the best opportunity is closely aligned with our survival instinct. That’s where nueromarketers come in, finding ways to engage with that instinct so that it filters to the logical part of the brain.

Listen in for ideas toward great marketing science and a better understanding of how our brains make these daily decisions.

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For more about his work, see Happy Buying Brain.

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