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World of Ether combines popular dueling games with the decentralized aspects of Ethereum smart contracts to bring its users a game where they can collect, breed, and duel monsters while still creating the world in which the game is played. Users are able to either purchase monsters from the marketplace or from other users using Ethereum, can then breed their monsters together to create new types of monsters or to gain legendary monsters, and can duel them against other players for points.

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Though similar to other games, the advantage to players lies in the decentralized nature of the Ethereum smart contracts that the game is built on–game creators are not able to control how often new breeds of monsters, rewards, or loot crates are released, and they will have no control over either the marketplace or the value of the monsters.

World of Ether plans to launch a full version of their game within the next 6-7 weeks and is currently having an egg pre-sale with a 15% discount. Eggs will slowly rise in price after each purchase, encouraging players to form a community and interact with each other.

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For more information, visit www.

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