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After a medical scare with antibiotics, Richard set about to learn about the microbiome and its relationship with an individual’s overall health. The brainchild from his research, Thryve Inside, provides a personalized report of what microbes are in your microbiome and what that means for you, written in language that is easy to understand for the average layperson, as well as a personalized probiotic each month.

Through his research of all relevant medical studies and data, Thryve Inside has compiled a microbe library from around the world that can help people achieve their goals, including weight loss and overall health. Richard discusses some of the biggest problems with the probiotic industry today, and what Thryve Inside is doing differently to help their customers, as well as interesting trends they see and real success stories.

To start, individuals simply return a test kit and answer a questionnaire about their current health and overall goals. Currently, Thryve Inside is dedicated to improving their reports, releasing test kits for different microbiomes throughout the body, and expanding their reports to include other organisms.

In the long run, they hope to become a data platform that aggregates microbiome data from around the world and provides information on how different products such as shampoos, toothpastes, and vitamins can affect individuals.

For more information, visit Listeners can also take advantage of a 15% discount coupon located inside the podcast.

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