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When BnkToTheFuture was originally formed, it was meant to be an online platform for investing in private equity, with the ultimate goal of making venture capital more successful.

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Today, they provide Bitcoin, blockchain, and other Financial Technology start-ups around the world the opportunity to receive investments in their products.

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BnkToTheFuture has had several notable clients, including BitPay, MasterCoin, and more, and are most excited in the near future for lightning network and RFK, a new technology that will allow smart contracts to be built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Their ultimate goal is to encourage investments in this space, as it is a self-funding mechanism–increased investment drives technological maturity, which drives further investment.

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Simon also discusses the critical difference between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, why Bitcoin is so disruptive to the traditional banking industry, and what he sees as the future of the global regulatory framework in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces.

For more information about BnkToTheFuture, visit To reach out to Simon directly, you can find him on Twitter @SimonDixonTwitt.

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