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Paula Baker-Laporte FAIA, Architect, EcoNest Architecture Inc.

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Healthy Home Design and Consulting, discusses her important work in the emerging arena of healthy, green architecture.

Baker-Laporte holds degrees from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto, and The International Institute of Bau-Biologie and Ecology. Baker-Laporte’s firm is dedicated to environmentally sound and health-enhancing architecture. She is a noted advocate for environmentally-sound architecture and was recognized as a United States ‘Top 10’ green architect by Natural Home magazine.

Baker-Laporte discusses her interest in ‘healthy’ architecture. She talks about her personal background and her incredible sensitivity to various chemicals that negatively impacted her health.

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As she states, after battling pneumonia literally every year, and her regular bouts with dizziness and her general loss of focus, she began to dig deeper into how our environments, specifically architecture, can greatly impact our health and wellness.

The recognized architect discusses the many problems that homes can have, from mold to chemicals to electromagnetic radiation. She talks about the ways we can improve our living environments, and begin to rid our homes of the negatively impacting agents. From standalone filtration systems, to reorganizing how you use your space (considering where you are sleeping), to vacuuming and cleaning practices and solutions, to simply opening windows, she discusses it all.

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Baker-Laporte was elected into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects, recognized for her groundbreaking architectural and educational work in the emerging area of Natural Healthy Building.

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