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Animal species have been going extinct since the dawn of time – which begs the questions: why is it happening, and which ones are next? Professor Corey Bradshaw joins the podcast to address this interesting research topic and convey his perspective as a global-change ecologist.

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Corey is the Matthew Flinders Professor of Global Ecology at Flinders University where he studies how human endeavor and climate fluctuations have altered past, present, and future ecosystems. Using methods such as species extinction modeling, Corey is uncovering just how much deforestation has occurred as a result of rapid urbanization and increasing agricultural intensification…

Jump in now to discover:

  • How humans are altering the face of the planet.
  • Which factors are greatly threatening animal populations.
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  • How deforestation is contributing to the extinction of certain species.
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  • What “co-extinction” is, and how climate change may be the dominant driver.

Want to find out more about Corey and his work? Click here now!

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