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Today we chat with prepping expert Stacy Zivicki. She joins us to address important topics such as sustainable agriculture, food preservation, homesteading, and farm freedom.

Stacy educates people around the world on these subjects via her platform, Sustainable Stewards.

Sustainable Stewards is on a mission to teach and guide people on how to achieve a self-sufficient sustainable lifestyle – independent from society’s resources.

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Join us now to hear Stacy discuss:

  • What Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is, and what they do to help consumers and farmers.
  • The challenges of selling fresh fruits and vegetables to community members.

  • How saving seeds for future growing seasons can be beneficial.

Want to learn how you can take a proactive approach to self-sufficiency? Stacy is certainly the right person to take advice from!

To watch Stacy’s informational videos click here, and to purchase Sustainable Stewards merchandise click here.

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