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Recycling is a process that is much more complex than most people think. While our society is taking steps towards recycling more, it is important to keep refining our approach to it so that we can see sustainable results as we move forward. 

Dr. Bill Carroll is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at Indiana, a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, and both Past President and Past Chair of the Board of the American Chemical Society. With 37 years of experience in the chemical industry, he uses his knowledge to research the science behind recycling and foster environmental advocacy. 

Join us as Dr. Carroll discusses:

  • The process of recycling, and what it would take to further develop it.
  • What “downcycling” is, and which products it’s applied to.
  • What to do with materials that are not easily recyclable. 

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How can we maximize the amount of recycling we do as a society? Dr. Carroll has a few clues for how to do this successfully and sustainably . . .

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