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Leading a “happy” life can mean a multitude of things, and there are great minds out there that have proven methods for those who are seeking this elevated way of life. Alex Bäcker, Ph.D. is a professional that has his own unique take on how to live happier – both successfully and sustainably.

Alex Bäcker is a scientist, inventor, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.

He joins us today to discuss his background, and talk about his new book, “101 Clues to a Happy Life”. This new publication tackles advice on how to become a better partner, parent, and person using insightful life lessons that Alex has experienced himself.

In this episode, Alex Bäcker talks about:

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To learn more about Alex Bäcker and get your own copy of “101 Clues to a Happy Life”, visit You can also find out about Alex’s drone company, Drisit, by clicking here.

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