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Isaac Dallas, co-founder, and CMO of XSPACE ( provide an overview of the future of product content generation for ecommerce, and how augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will play a significant role. As co-founder, Dallas is intently focused on using visualization to simplify business. In addition to his work in the business arena, Dallas is a strong advocate for education reform initiatives and was a key player in a strategic Harvard and Apple sponsored project that seeks to create advanced programs to assist children with problem-solving skills and strategies for learning. Dallas is a graduate of Illinois State University where he specialized in marketing analytics.

Dallas’s company, XSPACE, provides a simplified end-to-end solution for product information and visuals. XSPACE’s platform ensures that businesses continually provide high-quality images and product descriptions to their customer base. The XSPACE platform will help your brand cut costs, save time, and give customers exactly what they want and need to make a purchase.

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XSPACE delivers an updated database of products to business websites and streamlines the product management process through their efficient and affordable solutions.

Dallas describes their platform’s automation and the benefits and savings of automating. By introducing an efficient way to deliver 360-degree photography to businesses, customers have greater control over their shopping and buying experience, for about the same cost to a business as their average spends on traditional 2D photography. The platform could contribute to significant savings over the long run, sometimes as much as 70%, and value-added options of 3D, AR, and 360 capabilities will help to build brand trust with customers in the marketplace.

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Dallas discusses the next wave of product marketing and the technology that will continue to impact how customers consume. He provides detailed information on browser issues, and viewing options that are available for presenting product displays online. The online and display marketing expert delivers an analysis of available market data that provides insight into average sales increases, as well as the dramatic decrease in product returns.

He explains the tremendous upside for sales that exist as businesses convert their inventory to more experiential imaging.

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For example, in regard to furnishings, as consumers can look at multiple products in a room, they are then more inclined to purchase all of their individual furnishings through the very same store. From sizing, to mix and match options, it’s clear that 3D, AR, and VR are providing unique customer experiences that boost revenue.


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