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“A lot of what ails us comes from improper inputs…food, how much light we get, how much exercise we get, how much sleep we get…if you can get your environment and diet right, you can reverse some disease processes and greatly improve symptoms of other disease processes,” says Craig Emmerich, founder of and author of Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet, Including Simplified Science and No-Cook Meal Plans. Having been on the ketogenic diet for 12 years now, Emmerich can speak first-hand about the progressive improvements in his health, as well as the challenges faced by many who are just starting out.

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The Keto-Adapted program has received over 1,000 testimonials from clients who have seen significant improvement in their disease processes and symptoms after adhering to the ketogenic diet, including those who suffer from MS, Parkinson’s disease, IBS, acid reflux, eczema, and diabetes.

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Several people with MS and Parkinson’s disease have reported such significant improvements in their symptoms that they’re no longer dependent upon any medication. And of course, the ketogenic diet carries with it the added bonus of weight loss.

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Tune in to hear Emmerich discuss some of the highlights from his book, such as the three phases of keto, as well as the most difficult aspects of starting and sticking to the ketogenic diet (and some tips on how to do so successfully!) Check out the blog at and learn more at

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