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Victoria Field began researching the ketogenic diet and understanding it as an underutilized tool in medicine and science after seeing the amazing results it had on her epileptic dog, who had previously been on anticonvulsants for years without good results. When a simple change in diet relieved her dog of seizures and replaced the medication altogether, she began wondering what other types of diseases a ketogenic diet could help manage–not just in dogs, but humans too.

In 2014, KetoPet sanctuary was established with the goal of rescuing and improving the quality of life of dogs who have been diagnosed with cancer. With the implementation of a ketogenic diet, they’ve seen a 55% success rate in extending lives past prognosis. They also focus on educating the public on species-appropriate foods not often found on pet store shelves, and providing people with tools for easy implementation of ketogenic diets.

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One such tool is the KetoPet calculator, which is available on and helps owners develop tailored ketogenic diets based on a variety of factors, including the overall goal they wish to achieve and the state at which their dog’s disease has progressed.

Geared with the knowledge and evidence gained from the work done at KetoPet, the team at Epigenix decided to apply the same principles to the world of human health and medicine.

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The team at Epigenix is currently partnering with oncologists to explore the effect of combining ketogenic diets with the standard of care for patients suffering from cancer, and the results from pilot studies have been incredibly positive; within just four weeks of adhering to a ketogenic diet, one patient had regained the ability to speak and read.

Field discusses the importance of taking a dynamic approach to treating diseases in humans and animals, the importance of empowerment that is provided by nutrition-based therapy, and the upcoming Metabolic Health Summit conference, an organization which she is proud to be named co-founder. The conference is open to anyone interested in learning more or getting started on a ketogenic diet, as well as scientists and physicians looking to hold clinical trials to more thoroughly analyze its effectiveness. Find all the details about the conference at, and learn more about ketogenic diets at and


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