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Joining us today is Natalie Hudson-Smith, an Assistant Professor at Saint Peter’s University and former Postdoctoral Researcher at Stony Brook University. As a research scientist and professor, she studies engineered nanoparticles and works to create redesign strategies to make nanotechnology more sustainable.

Nanoparticles are used in a variety of cutting-edge technologies – even in agriculture. So, how can nanoparticles improve soil health and increase crop yield? Tune in now to find out for yourself!

Jump in now to discover:

  • What nanoparticles are, and common products that use them.
  • How bacteria interact with nanoparticles used in agricultural applications.
  • How to control and manipulate nanoparticles.
  • How nanoparticles are viewed and studied.

Learn more about Natalie and her latest research by clicking here!

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