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We often have no other choice than to trust the advice of our medical professionals – but what if there’s a financial incentive? In this episode, we chat with Dr. Ardavan Aslie about this issue in the context of spinal surgery – and what he is doing to change it.

Dr. Aslie is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgery Specialist in Sacramento, CA with over 28 years of experience in his field. Throughout his career, Dr. Aslie has seen how medical device companies are making billions from spinal surgery with little proven effectiveness, and he’s determined to change this.

In an effort to bring awareness to this topic, Dr. Aslie wrote Corporate Spine: How Spine Surgery Went Off Track and How We Put It Right, a book that explores “how spinal surgery got to this low point, how patients can protect themselves, and how spinal surgery can get back on track to help, not hurt, the estimated 16 million Americans suffering from chronic back pain.”

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Tune in now to hear Dr. Aslie discuss:

  • How Dr. Aslie’s outlook on spinal surgery has changed through the years.
  • Why spinal surgery can be less effective for older individuals.
  • How surgeons fuse patients’ vertebrae, and why screws can be ineffective.
  • The innovative device that Dr. Aslie invented to revolutionize spinal surgery.

To purchase Dr. Aslie’s book, click here now!

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