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Is science the only means to the truth? Dr. Micah J. Green joins the podcast to address this question and others like it from an academic and faith-based perspective.

Dr. Green is Faculty in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Here, he engages with the field of chemical engineering to take on both nanomaterial production and novel nanotechnology applications.

Over the years, Dr. Green has refined his approach to nanotechnology, climate change, and the interactions between faith and science – providing him with insight that is both engaging and thought-provoking…

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In this episode, Dr. Green discusses:

  • What scientism is, and how it can contradict itself.
  • How he approaches difficult existential questions.
  • What happens if you start reducing human beings down to “meat computers”.
  • How reductionists can be harmful to conscious thinking.
  • Particular places where the “hand of God” is evident.

Does science tell us that the material universe is all there is? Jump into the conversation now to hear Dr. Green’s thoughts on this intriguing issue!

Want to learn more about Dr. Green and his unique perspective? Click here to visit his website, and here to listen to his Tedx Talk!

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