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In this episode, we sit down with Meag Sargent, a Chicago-based horticulturist, multimedia artist, farmer, and food sovereignty advocate. Currently, she works with Farm From a Box, an off-grid toolkit for sustainable agriculture with the goal to revolutionize local food production.

Meag has always had a passion for farming and environmental advocacy. Through her work, she channels her love of plant breeding, controlled environment agriculture, and regenerative farming into a truly impactful pursuit… 

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Join the conversation now to explore:

  • What got Meag interested in horticulture.
  • Why food is such an integral part of the human experience.
  • How Farm From a Box is cultivating food independence.
  • The importance of providing education and training for up-and-coming farmers. 

Making effective agriculture accessible to those who need it is critical to the well-being of all people. Want to know how people like Meag are contributing to this vision? Tune in now!

You can find out more about Meag Sargent’s work with Farm From a Box by clicking here!

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