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The complexities that exist within the human brain continue to stump scientists to this day.

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Among the most mysterious brain workings is the formation and storage of memories – and some researchers are unearthing fascinating discoveries about the inner workings of this phenomenon.

In this episode, we discuss topics related to neuroscience and memories with Dr. Ueli Rutishauser. Dr. Rutishauser is a Professor and Chair of the Board of Governors in Neurosciences at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he researches the characteristics of human memory.

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Join us now to explore:

  • The brain and bodily states that make it difficult to access or form memories. 
  • The research methods that Dr. Rutishauser uses in his lab to observe the brain’s activity.
  • What “cognitive boundaries” are, and how they influence memory.
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  • The key driver of forming new memories. 
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To learn more about Dr. Rutishauser and his research, visit

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